I am Sabrina, creator and founder of the label IDA PING which was brought to life in 2017 after returning from a several month trip through India and Nepal. There, attending several workshops, I discovered my passion for creating jewelry.

Back in Berlin, I sold my first pieces of jewelry at festivals and among friends but with time passing and gaining more and more skills it was quite clear for me that I want to focus all my energy in creating small works of art. 

For me, nature is the greatest work of art, whose beauty, wildness, diversity and facets inspire me every day anew! It is especially its unique colors, sounds and shapes that underlie my work.

In 2022 I moved my home and studio from Berlin to the countryside, where I am more connected to nature and can learn. Here my space for ideas increases, time plays less of a role, here I find more of myself.

From the selection of the materials to the packaging, my priority is to respect and conserve our resources and contribute my part to protect our environment.